Sweet treats

Our menu’s full of the good stuff. Whatever your diet or preferences, there’s enough choice for everyone.

Fruited Teacake (Vegan)

A sweet dough with an abundance of sultanas and raisins.

Blueberry Muffin

A classic soft muffin combined with blueberries pieces and a soft glossy blueberry jam filling.

Sicilian Lemon Muffin

Lemon muffin with a gooey lemon curd centre.

Mini Muffins

Mini Chocolate and White Chocolate & Raspberry muffins.

Chocolate Tiffin

Milk chocolate binding dried fruit and digestive biscuit pieces.

Raspberry and Almond Bake

Almond rich frangipane topped with shiny raspberry jam.

Millionaire's Shortbread

Crisp shortbread base topped with a butter rich caramel and layer of milk chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate Brownie (Gluten free)

Made with Belgian chocolate this indulgent gluten free recipe uses ground almond for a rich chocolate brownie treat.

Bakewell Tart

A butter rich pastry encasing a layer of almond frangipane, morello cherry jam and sweet, glossy fondant.

Banana and Pecan Loaf Cake

A banana loaf topped with sliced bananas and pecans.

Rocky Road (Vegan)

Fully loaded Rocky Road, filled with biscuits, marshmallows, glace cherries and lightly dusted with sugar snow.

Salted Caramel Brownie

Dark chocolate brownie with salted caramel and milk chocolate chunks.

Loaded Salted Caramel Flapjack

A buttery flapjack base, layered with maple flavour caramel, topped with chocolate chunks, pumpkin seeds, nuts and sprinkled with Cornish sea salt.

Giant Custard Cream

Our very own classic giant custard cream.

Giant Bourbon Cream

Our very own classic giant bourbon cream.

Chocolate Twist

All butter pastry twist with dark chocolate.

Butter Croissant

Flaky Butter Croissant.

Pastel de Nata

Flaky puff pastry filled with silky egg custard.

BOSH! Ultimate Chocolate Slice (VG)

Chocolate tiffin base with a chocolate topping & finished with fudge cookie pieces

All Butter Belgian Chocolate Cookie

All Butter Cookie with Belgian Milk Chocolate Chunks.

Gingerbread Muffin

Ginger muffin made with ground and crushed ginger, with a ginger filling, topped with caramel icing and a gingerbread man.