Cold drinks

Our menu’s full of the good stuff. Whatever your diet or preferences, there’s enough choice for everyone.

Toffee Spiced Iced Latte

Your perfectly balanced iced latte with a delicious toffee syrup adding a touch of spice & smoke, topped with cinnamon dusting and caramel vermicelli.

Made with spiced toffee flavour syrup.

Toffee Spiced Cold Brew

A smooth and refreshing iced black coffee with toasted toffee and spice notes, topped with velvety light milk foam, cinnamon dusting and caramel vermicelli.

Made with spiced toffee flavour syrup.

Ruby Chocolate Frostino & Light Dairy Swirl

The pink and delicately fruity chocolate drink as a cool, creamy frostino, topped with a light dairy swirl and shimmer red chocolate curls.

Iced Latte

Chilled milk over ice, capped with freshly shaken espresso.

Iced Cappuccino (with whipped milk)

A bold and balanced coffee, made with freshly shaken espresso and topped with whipped milk foam.

Iced Flat White

The classic Flat White recreated in cold. An intense espresso shot, blended with milk and topped with whipped milk foam.

Iced Espresso

Perfectly extracted, this short, aromatic, intense drink contains all the best flavour from our coffee bean, poured over ice.

Iced Mocha

An indulgent iced coffee made with a delicious chocolate sauce freshly shaken with espresso and poured over iced cold milk for a caffeinated chocolate treat.

Iced Cortado

Fresh espresso, chilled milk, shaken with ice to create a creamy iced coffee.

Iced Americano Black

Classic black coffee gently sweetened and served over ice.

Cold Brew with whipped milk

When you like your Cold Brew a bit more indulgent.

Cold Brew Coffee Black

We brew our Cold Brew for 20 hours, for the same great texture and taste.

Salted Caramel & Cream Frostino (with or w/o coffee)

A sweet, fluffy drink with rich salted caramel.

Belgian Chocolate & Cream Frostino (with or w/o coffee)

Possibly the most decadent drink in the Frostino family. Ideal for chocolate lovers.

Mint Choc Chip Frostino & Cream

A refreshing indulgent treat, combining mint and chocolate in a Frostino, topped with cream and finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Strawberry & Cream Frostino

An indulgent blended ice drink, made from strawberry sauce, milk and ice and finished with fresh cream.

Coffee Frostino

Get your coffee fix in the form of a creamy, milky, ice cold Frostino.

Peach Iced Tea

A refreshing drink for sunny days. Or rainy days. It's a real all-rounder.

Mango And Passion Fruit Cooler

Mango and passionfruit puree base, simply blended with ice for a tropical and refreshing drink.

Red Summer Berries Fruit Cooler

Summer berries puree base, simply blended with ice for a bright zing-y experience.

Iced Espresso Macchiato

Strawberry Tea Infusion

Freshly brewed super fruity infusion hand shaken over ice with strawberry.