Success Stories

Our farmers are great. Without their coffee growing skills we simply would have no business. Imagine that. No Mocha Italia blend, no Fruit Coolers and no smiling Costa baristas - scary thought, eh? 

Naturally then, providing our farmers and their communities with long-term support has always seemed like the sensible thing to do. Heck, much more importantly than that, it's the right thing to do. 

When looking at potential projects, a real need for education and strong supporting partners are what matters to us. Hence why most farmers in our school building areas actually own less than a hectare of land and much of this coffee is not even suitable for our Mocha Italia blend. We even consider school building projects where we can't actually buy coffee. If it's a coffee growing community that needs help, that's good enough for us.

Costa Foundation, helping communities grow. Fundraising for the Charities Trust, registered charity number 327489

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