Hot drinks

Our menu’s full of the good stuff. Whatever your diet or preferences, there’s enough choice for everyone.

Flat White

A delicious combination of Espresso and velvety milk, signed off with a perfect florette.


Made with our aromatic Espresso, frothy milk and decadent chocolate dusting.


Our signature blend espresso with steamed milk for a smooth and creamy coffee.


Hot Chocolate

We only use the best cocoa for this indulgent drink. Perfect for days when you need a hug in a cup.

White Hot Chocolate and Cream

Rich, creamy and silky smooth.

Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate and Cream

Fruity, creamy and indulgent. A delicious and delightfully fruity, stunning rose-coloured hot chocolate made with Ruby cocoa beans and topped with a swirl of cream and red shimmer chocolate curls.


Our signature Espresso softened with hot water. Drink it straight up or add a splash of milk.


Our signature Espresso and textured milk, signed off with a little heart.

Mocha Cortado

A short intense espresso combined with textured chocolatey milk.

Caramel Cortado

Our Cortado's decadent cousin. Still made using our signature Espresso, but swirled with rich caramel, velvety milk, and topped off with a caramel crumb.


Perfectly extracted, this short, aromatic, intense drink contains all the best flavour from our coffee beans.

Milk Babyccino

Simply lightly frothed milk with a dusting of cocoa. No coffee, just comforting goodness in a tiny cup.

Chai Latte

A warm, comforting milk tea with aromatic spices.

Flat Black

A short but intense espresso extracted over water, providing a smooth silky bold coffee.


Expertly steamed chocolate milk blended with espresso for a caffeinated chocolate treat.

English Breakfast Decaf Tea

Same delicious taste as the English Breakfast Tea, but without caffeine.

Jasmine Green Tea

A light green tea scented with Jasmine flowers. A soft floral blend with the perfect balance of flavour.


Superfruity Infusion

Bursting with flavour, this berrylicious tea tastes great hot or cold.

Double Mint Infusion

Everything you expect from the ultimate mint experience - glorious peppermint, rounded with vibrant bursts of sweet spearmint.

Pure Green Tea

A wonderfully mellow steam dried green tea from Eastern China. So delicious and easy to drink, we have added nothing to it.

The Earl

A Chinese black tea blended with the wonderfully citrusy flavour of bergamot.

English Breakfast

Twinings the nation's favourite premium large loose-leaf tea: a bold and full body tea, full of flavour and perfect for brightening up your day.